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I Help Influencers and High Net Worth Entrepreneurs Unlock Profitable Branding

About Jordan

The 25 year Old Owner of HighKey Holdings Inc.

About Jordan

Disrupt digital if you want to become profitable

I dropped out of university at 19 to invest my life savings in a brand new e-commerce business.

Within 3 months I’d generated close to $50,000 at an ROI of over 375%.

I never went back to university and my degree remains unfinished. Because I realized something crucial about life…success isn’t handed out in the form of a diploma, it’s built on the back of branding.

If you’re an influencer or high net worth individual you already know this is true.

Your audience is the key to your success. You’ve developed your personal brand by establishing yourself as a thoughtful leader – now it’s time to switch on profitable branding mode, because a brand without a plan is aimless. Eventually, your window of opportunity will close.

The next decade will be dominated by influencers and entrepreneurs who understand the value of a highly engaged audience. Just as technology evolves and in-demand tech becomes obsolete, the most profitable and sought after brands of the future will be those who invest in themselves. I can help your brand to become explosively profitable and dominate the social space.

Your digital footprint is memorable, now make it profitable

There is no more valuable investment than the one you make in yourself. As influencers and entrepreneurs, your personal brand is your untapped vehicle of success.




These are the foundational ingredients for your future success. Through unique strategy and leading social media innovation, your personal brand has the potential to become explosively profitable. 

Interested in learning how to monetize your brand for free?

*valued at $1,098

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HighKey Holdings Inc

HighKey Technology Inc.

The future of e-commerce.

HighKey Technology is the leading seller of futuristic technology. We partner with celebrities for explosive exposure and growth.

The #1 seller of NEW HighKey wireless earbuds for 3 consecutive years.

HighKey Agency Inc.

Elite brand builders.

HighKey Agency is your full-service social media and PR management agency.

Social media and press are the future of branding. We create profitable brands with video, design and innovative growth strategies

HighKey Clout Inc.

The new currency kings.

HighKey Clout is an influencer management agency partnered with Instagram’s most influential figures.

Our leading celebrity giveaways trigger social growth, while making your brand both unmissable and irresistible.

Ready to discover the most scalable and profitable way to grow your personal brand?

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*valued at $1,098

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