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The Explosive Formula Behind 375% ROI Revealed…

Learn the Jordan Lintz story (and how he transformed social branding forever)

Know More About Jordan.

Who is Jordan Lintz?

Jordan Lintz is the branding innovator who dropped out of university at 20 to launch his first e-commerce business with $8,000 of his own money.

Within 90 days he’d seen his $8,000 investment explode and generate over 375% revenue, fueling the lightning growth of his new company. 

Needless to say, university never got him back.

As 50% owner of HighKey Holdings, Jordan’s professional portfolio spans six booming companies with large equity positions in HighKey Technology Inc, HighKey Agency Inc, HighKey Clout Inc, HighKey Real Estate Inc, HighKey Investments Inc, and Lyrical Inc.

Jordan believes all entrepreneurs should find the areas of their business, and life, where they can make the greatest impact – and put 100% of their energy behind it. Because value isn’t a commodity to be sold, but a quality that underpins great purpose, great companies, and great people.

Jordan’s HighKey Journey

Jordan Lintz was set to follow the tradition of millions of Americans with college, graduation and the rat-race lifestyle.

But life changes on a dime…

Faced with the choice of sticking with college, or dropping out to invest his entire savings into a futuristic e-commerce business venture with his brother Luke, Jordan backed himself and said goodbye to college.

Within 3 months, Jordan’s $8,000 investment had exploded to return over 375% ROI and HighKey Technology Inc was born.

HighKey took the next step in its evolution with the addition of award-winning real estate investor, Stefan Aarnio, whose stake in the business brought unrivalled sales training and leadership. Connecting over a brief conversation at a local Winnipeg coffee shop, Stefan was more than an investor, trusting Jordan and Luke to take full control of his social media presence. As a result, HighKey Agency Inc, a full-service social media and PR agency, was added to Jordan’s rapidly growing business portfolio.

With multiple companies, Jordan’s trajectory shifted as his e-commerce brand and social media agency established themselves as emerging forces in the North American market. Keeping success in the family, younger brother Jackson Lintz joined the HighKey Technology Inc ownership structure, allowing Jordan & Luke to focus their entrepreneurial vision elsewhere.

This led to the creation of HighKey Clout Inc, an influencer management agency that delivers brands explosive USA growth opportunities across the social media platform Instagram. Following its launch in 2019, HighKey Clout Inc delivered a six-figure total revenue in under 30 days.

Featured in Forbes,, the New York Times and International Business Times, Jordan Lintz gambled his success by dropping out of college to pursue his vision – and won.


Companies Owned By HighKey Holdings Inc.

HighKey Technology Inc.

The future of e-commerce.

HighKey Technology is the leading seller of futuristic technology. We partner with celebrities for explosive exposure and growth.

The #1 seller of NEW HighKey wireless earbuds for 3 consecutive years

HighKey Agency Inc.

Elite brand builders.

HighKey Agency is your full-service social media and PR management agency.

Social media and press are the future of branding. We create profitable brands with video, design and innovative growth strategies.

HighKey Clout Inc.

The new currency kings.

HighKey Clout is an influencer management agency partnered with Instagram’s most influential figures.

Our leading celebrity giveaways trigger social growth, while making your brand both unmissable and irresistible.

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